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The Next LQ Head Honchos

2 May 2011 5,561 views No Comment

by Jaslyn Law

I hereby introduce you to Leland Quarterly’s three incoming head honchos via that strange medium The Author Bio. Can you guess which bios belong to whom?


Katie Elissa LiHe

1) Katie Wu will join me as co-Editor-in-Chief for the 2011-2012 year.
2) Elissa Karasik will take over the reins as Managing Editor.
3) LiHe Han is the next Production Manager of Leland.


A) EDITOR is from Beijing, China. She studies Philosophy and Literature at Stanford University and is a reviewer for The Dualist Journal of Philosophy. She wishes she could have majored in SLE. EDITOR has one cat.

B) EDITOR grew up in Vancouver, B.C. reading antiquated art reviews and perusing old comic strips. She currently works at the gallery cum publishing house Galerie et Librairie Maeght in Paris.

C) EDITOR hails from Pasadena, CA. She writes to capture the hilarity of how messed up people are. EDITOR works at the Bing Nursery, experimenting on small children. In her spare time, she plays women’s rugby.

D) EDITOR is from the Pacific Palisades, CA, a beach hamlet within Los Angeles’s tumurous conglomerate. When she is not interning at The Rumpus, she cares for her mentally-handicapped Retriever.

E) EDITOR studies Human Biology at Stanford University. She is an avid triathlete who also enjoys an odd game of pickup soccer. She enjoys cooking.

F) EDITOR writes for Gaeties as well as Leland Quarterly. Her next move will be to Los Angeles, where she will work for the production studio Red Wagon (Gladiator, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton).


1) Katie Wu – C, E
2) Elissa Karassik – D, F
3) LiHe Han – A, B

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