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Artist Profile: Kate Erickson

11 June 2012 4,344 views No Comment

Kate Erickson
Major: Art History
Year: Senior

The photographs in this series reflect a primal need to gather evidence of matter, both physical and sensational. The images depict the evidence of car headlights illuminating the darkness, of one individual’s manipulation of nature, and of the profound and overarching impact of modern society on the natural world. They produce a record of my physical interaction with the matter of the world around me, and an attempt to render transient qualities of light and time into the physical materials of film and paper. Ultimately, these images provide a concrete witness of individual existence in an otherwise unquantifiable and disarticulated world.

Sand Hill Road, Woodside, California

Unknown Illumination, Leasburg, Missouri

Car Approaching, Potter County, Texas

Oak Tree, Cuba, Missouri

Looking toward Amarillo at Midnight, Potter County, TexasFarmhouse, Carlisle, Massachusetts

Farmhouse, Carlisle, Massachusetts

Driveway, Carlisle, Massachusetts

Lights from Chelmsford, Carlisle, Massachusetts

Cholla Power Plant, Joseph City, Arizona

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