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Editor’s Note: On Procrastination

11 June 2012 3,443 views No Comment

Actual, Embarrassing Theses We Penned at the Last Minute

The Snuggie’s questionable validity does not diminish the effect of its ever-increasing universality as a consumer product recognizable by any American, suburban or not.

How Austen and Woolf choose to end their novels is instrumental to the demonstration of the irony of a woman’s loss of self through the gain of power in society.

Though motivated by factors from different sources, both Danny and the nameless family view consumption of culture as a method of perpetuating a fantasy that helps them to elude the destructive trauma of their racial disparity.

This paper will first compare the multi-dimensional Confucian woman, as described by Wei-Ming Tu and Walter H. Slote, to the more Westernized concept of the femme fatale, embodied here by Miss Li and Phoenix; then, examine the two women and their use of calculated schemes and manipulation to increase their own wealth and power; and, finally, explore the crucial difference between them that elevates Miss Li and dooms Phoenix: the redemption of humane remorse and penance.

That successful conservation in the archipelago will require not simply resource management but also navigating corrupt political pathways, placating the conflicting desires of local stakeholders, and establishing residents’ ties to the land suggests to me that a better way to conceive of the Galápagos as a microcosm is to ask: if we can save the Galápagos, what can’t we save?

Consequently, though the rhetoric of political campaigns is not our specialty, and though we are a bipartisan council, we wish to supply you, Mr. President, with the following pitch moving forward with your 2012 campaign: “A cap and trade system would provide a better, more flexible alternative for job creators than rigid, job-killing regulations while providing strong incentives for trademark American innovation in the green technology sector.”

– Jaslyn Law & Katie Wu
(compiled at the last minute)

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