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[12 Apr 2014 | 4 Comments | 3,790 views]
Hidden in Plain Sight: Silence & Cookies

When you lose something so vital that most people can’t imagine a world without it, you have three choices.

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[25 Jan 2014 | Comments Off | 1,192 views]
Observations by the Gates of Hell

Grace Kearney considers how we look at Rodin’s sculpture

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[11 Jun 2012 | Comments Off | 5,358 views]
Abroad Reflections

Stanford Overseas: On Being a Jew in Germany, On Township Tourism, & On Surviving Oxford Tutorials
or, See, we didn’t just party!

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[11 Jun 2012 | Comments Off | 5,771 views]
The Tutorial Cycle

by Dustin Janatpour
Studied in Oxford, Fall 2011
Photos by Kate Erickson
Normally you give yourself the following option during each crunch-morning: choose two of shower, snack, and sleep. But you have overslept, so snack and shower will have to wait until after today’s tutorial. Best fix the dent in your hair so the tutor doesn’t get worried or ask funny questions.

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[11 Jun 2012 | Comments Off | 2,015 views]
The Thinking Citizen’s Tour of the Townships

by Mary Glen Frederick
Studied in Cape Town, Winter 2011
Photos by Cole Murphy-Hockett
We begin in a literal paradise. Cape Town, one of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth. Lush and rich and surrounded by mountains keeping watch over an eyelet of aqua, winking turquoise in the glorious sun. The ocean air hangs so thick on sweatered nights you can trap the salt between your fingerprints.