When A Rat Exterminator Is the Best Choice

If you have been attempting to get rid of rats or mice in your home and have not been successful, then it is probably time to consider calling a professional rat exterminator. It is almost always a better choice to pay for professional services right from the start, rather than to try to undertake the project alone.


Dealing with rats and getting rid of rodents is one such task. Businesses that provide professional rat extermination are well equipped with different types of fumigants, rat poisons and cleaning supplies. Because of their experience they know which products work effectively.

Rats pose a threat to people

Because rats are small and mice even smaller, often homeowners aren’t even aware of their presence. But rodents can pose big threats to humans. They not only can cause damage to a home’s structure by chewing walls, wood and wiring, they also contaminate the food supply.

As carriers of different types of viruses, bacteria, and parasites, rats and mice can contaminate an entire home and attic through their urine, saliva, and feces. In some cases, diseases are also spread by fleas, which can be present on the infesting rats. Therefore, if you suspect rats or mice living in your home or attic, it is necessary to act immediately and call someone who is trained and capable of eliminating them permanently and efficiently.

The best reason to seek the help of a pest control company is that they typically will only use effective, safe and thorough methodologies of rat extermination to ensure the comfort and safety of the home residents. To be sure, it’s always a good idea to read their reviews or get a referral from someone who has used the company.

Steps to take in the home

A good pest control or rat extermination business can offer helpful advice to the homeowners about preventing any further infestation. Here are the steps that homeowners should follow to ensure that another infestation does not take place in the future.

  1. Seal all holes in walls, doors, and baseboards – a good rodent control company will do this as part of their service when they eliminate the pests that are there now. If they don’t, the homeowner should do it themselves or hire another company that will.
  2. Don’t disturb the baits which are set by the professionals. Companies use different methods so this one will only apply if bait is used.
  3. Keep food items either in jars and cans or in the refrigerator until the extermination process is over. Even after it is complete, all food should be stored in air-tight containers.
  4. Keep trash always in the containers with lids on.
  5. Remove all debris both inside and outside of the home where rats can enter to make a nest.
  6. Vacuum, clean, and sweeping the home on a regular basis. Watch for rat or mouse droppings to indicate their presence.

rat cage trap

Questions to ask the professional

When hiring a professional rat exterminator, you must determine the following:

  • What chemicals or the poisons that the exterminator will use. This is especially critical to consider when there are children or pets inside the home.
  • What methods will be used by the professional rat exterminator, and are those safe or not.
  • What warranties and guarantees are there of the service provided
  • Will the exterminator remove the dead rats from your home – the company should always remove all dead animals from the premises, and then clean and sanitize the space.

If they don’t do this, then find a different pest control service that will. Otherwise you will end up with the smell of dead rats permeating the home, and that will be harder to eliminate than the rats themselves.