Do you want to relax for a day? Try a sauna!

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Stress is a common complaint nowadays which can lead to certain serious illnesses. A burn out, fatigue, insomnia. But even worse complaints such as certain heart diseases. That’s why it is very important to regularly de-stress and what could be more delicious than a day at a wellness or beauty center.

Pamper yourself with a sauna visit, massage or other treatment. You’ll notice that after such a day you’ve completely calmed down and that you can relax again for a while. If you google “sauna overview” you will find an overview of saunas in near you.

What are the advantages of a sauna visit

First of all, a sauna is incredibly relaxing and can help you relieve stress. But if you do a round of sauna and you follow all the steps described (foot bath, sauna, dip bath, rest) then a sauna is also good for your heart and your resistance.

There are even studies that show that you will lose weight from regular sauna visits.

Is a sauna visit expensive?

You can make visiting a wellness center as expensive as you want. Apart from the entrance fee you pay for food and drinks and all the treatments you take in a day. The food and drink is on average a lot more expensive and that’s what the business model of such a company is based on. But if you plan it well (e.g. come after lunch or take an evening entrance after dinner) you don’t have to spend any money on it at all.

As for the entrance you can get discounts on various websites. Often you can find discount codes that allow you to get a 2nd ticket for free or even 50% discount. Or determine your own price on auction sites. There are even specialdeals where you can enter for free. With the goal of course that you consume enough. But as said, this is not an obligation.