Fun dates for when it will be spring again

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Although it may not look like it when you look outside, spring is approaching. On the 20th of March it is officially spring and hopefully we can go outside again. Spring is an optimal time to discover a new flame in your life. That is why we have come up with five dates that are fun to do in spring.

Visit the goat farm

In the middle of the Amsterdam forest you will find the goat farm. Besides goats there are also chickens, pigs and cows walking around on the farm. You can go into the pens together and feed and pet the goats.

Picnicking in a park

Find a nice park in your neighborhood, take a basket (or bag) with tasty snacks and drinks, and do not forget a soft blanket on which you can sit. Before you go, make sure it didn’t rain yesterday so your butt doesn’t get wet.

Go to a festival

Spring is the season in which some festivals slowly take place again. Ask your date what kind of music he/she likes and see if you overlap somewhere (which is also a great compatibility test). Find a nice festival in the neighborhood, order your tickets and let the fun begin!

A walk in the woods

Walking through the woods together is the ideal setting to learn more about each other. If you both have a dog you can see if they match each other. But even without a dog, a walk in the woods is a very romantic date!

Start a fire in the garden

Get a fire basket and some firewood at the hardware store on the corner and make a romantic fire in the garden. If it’s still a bit cold in the evening bring a nice blanket to sit under together.