5 Simple saving tips

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A lot of people, at some point, have the idea that they spend too much money on trivial things. In this article, we share some savings tips to make sure you have more money at the end of the month.

Use public transportation less often

If you use the public transportation too often, it can cost a lot of money every month. Especially for a short distance it is often not necessary to use public transportation. The weather will start to get warmer again soon, so it’s good to get on your bike sometimes. It’s healthy as well!

Find out which deductibles you can make use of

Soon we will aal have to file our tax returns again. Think carefully beforehand about which deductibles you can use, often there are more than you think. Especially if you are a self-employed or starting entrepreneur, you can make use of a lot of tax deductions which can save you a lot of money.

Buy your products with discount codes

Before you buy a product, always check if there happens to be a discount code somewhere on the internet. Many companies offer discount codes on different websites which you can then use to buy the product at a discount. Also take a look at the website where you can compare insurances. This way you can be sure that you will find the best deals.

See if you can sell or rent out old unused items.

Take a critical look at your garage and attic. Maybe there are some things there that you actually never use but could still be still yield some money on, for example, marketplaces. Do you think you will use this stuff again? Then see if you can rent it out on one of today’s many sharing platforms. This not only saves money but also space!

Decide quickly where you are going on vacation

At many travel agencies nowadays, the early booking discount is higher than the discount you get when booking a last-minute trip. So make sure to think ahead where you want to go on vacation next summer! For inspiration take a look on the internet and social media.