7 reasons why you should start for yourself

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You pay a lot less taxes, especially the first years

In the Netherland, when you make use of all available deductions for entrepreneurs you pay no tax on your profits as a self-employed person up to 21,000 euros. This can make your friends who do work for a boss jealous!

You make the decisions yourself

You make all the decisions that need to be made yourself. That gives you a sense of freedom and independence which greatly enhances your self-assurance! You also no longer have to bother with decisions from higher up that you don’t really agree with.

You do something that really interests you

Most people start doing business from a certain passion they have for something. This ensures that every day you are doing something that really interests you. Even when there are hard days, they are still a lot less bad.

You learn an awful lot

During your entrepreneurship you will learn a lot in a short time. In the beginning a lot of new things will come to you and you will discover a lot. During this period you learn a lot. In the unlikely event that you do not make it or you still want to return to employment, this will look good on your resume and you will start working more confidently for a new job.

You can go wherever you want

As an independent entrepreneur you are not attached to anything. Would you like to go out for a day and do the tasks you have to do later in the day or at the weekend? Then this is no problem at all. When you’re an internet entrepreneur you’re often not stuck to one place and you can become a ‘digital nomad’ (travelling around the world while doing business).

You build up your own pension

As an entrepreneur you are not tied to a certain pension scheme but you have the opportunity to build it up yourself. You now decide for yourself what you want to invest your future pension in. This can save you a lot of costs and you can go for a different risk profile than you would have with a scheme. We do advise you to start quickly with this!

You can work with people who choose for themselves

You choose which suppliers you want to work with and which customers you want to work for. If you really don’t like a supplier or customer, you simply exchange them. You are in control!