Cold winter months and electricity

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The cold winter months are approaching again! Time to turn on the heating, take out the warm sweaters and decorate the Christmas tree for the holidays. To get through this period well, it is important to pay the necessary attention to the electricity in the house. For example, think of the meter cupboard that needs to be maintained, old electrical equipment that can be replaced, and so on. This way you can avoid annoying power failures during the winter months! Unfortunately, it still happens regularly that an electrician has to rush to people to solve a power failure.

Especially in the cold, dark December days it is very annoying when you run out of power. If you don’t have electricity anymore, you can’t use your computer or television and so on.

Perform maintenance on the meter cupboard

We spoke to an electrician from Lelystad, who strongly advises homeowners to have the meter cupboard in their home serviced at least once every two or three years. When maintaining the meter cupboard, an electrician will check if parts of the meter cupboard are beginning to show some wear and tear. By replacing these worn parts in time, power failures can be prevented. A power failure is often the result of a short circuit in the house. These short-circuits can be caused by, for example, two power cables lying too close to each other. In such a case, the power cables fuse with each other, resulting in a short circuit.

Also, over the years the electrical cables may have become increasingly worn, exposing the inside. If other metal parts or objects come into contact with the inside of an electrical wire, this can also cause a short circuit. Regular maintenance of the meter cabinet and the electrical network in your home can prevent such problems.

Replacing old equipment in your home

Besides the possibility to perform maintenance on the electricity in the house, it is also best to replace old equipment once every few years. For example, think of an old coffee maker, an old kettle and so on. Such electrical devices have often been the source of a nasty short circuits in households. After all, within these devices electrical cables can fuse together or be damaged. In addition, it is always exciting to replace these devices for a new model! Not unimportantly, these new models are also often considerably more energy efficient.