What are the best paying side jobs?

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Students, especially those who live in rooms, often lead expensive lives. The rent has to be paid, groceries have to be bought, and you want to be able to keep doing some fun things. Of course, all of this costs money. Without parents sponsoring money and having to pay for school, students must have a good source of income to pay for all of this. Below is an overview of the best paid jobs so you can make ends meet!Commercial side jobs.

Commercial side jobs are often based on performance bonuses. If you know how to snare customers, visitors or members for a company, you can look forward to nice bonuses. Think of these bonuses at about €100,- that you can earn per day.

Side jobs in health care.

In health care you can also earn some extra money for students. For example, you can drive beds around in hospitals or provide domestic help. Some jobs require you to study medicine or nursing, but not all. A part-time job in health care can cost you about €12,- per hour.

Webcare side jobs

More and more companies see opportunities in using the Internet in their marketing communications. Few companies are yet to be found that do not manage a website, or several social media accounts. This increases the demand for webcare personnel. As a webcare employee you manage a website or various social media accounts for a company. The activities include responding to questions, complaints or compliments from customers and ensure that customers remain satisfied. Webcare and call center side jobs often bring you around €11,- per hour.

Looking for a side job?

The jobs mentioned above are not only worthwhile, but are also very instructive. A win-win situation! There’s various websites catered towards students who are looking for a side job. Simply find a few that have jobs that cater to your interest and register with them. In no time you will start earning the money you need!